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BaoziInn was inspired by the sharing culture within 1960's China where communities gather together and share the food. Household food such as baozi, dumplings, dan dan noodles are shared among members of the same community.

The communities fosters friendship, and strengthen mutual bonds through sharing food, as food is the source of happiness and a great way to bring people together. We hold onto the spirit of unity to pass down authentic and treasured heirloom recipes to future generations.

Our humble menu at BaoziInn still carries these heritage and the authentic recipes of the bygones era. We began with serving street food from Northern China, including Baozi, Jiaozi and noodles. Then, we ventured down south and started to introduce Southern Chinese food - Dumplings and Wantons. Moving into 2024, our journey has taken us further south of the globe as we introduce signature SouthEast Asian flavours into our menu.

While we evolve with times, our cuisine continues to offer unlimited options from across the world, found right within our menu. Not only do our cuisines include the simple delicacies consumed throughout China, we strive to broaden our communities by introducing flavours from across Asia Pacific into our menu, ensuring a wholesome experience for all who visit.

We strive to create a wonderful dining experience for all, using the stories our flavours tell.

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