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Where every flavor tells a story

Experience London's culinary charm with BaoziInn, where delicious Asian flavours meet contemporary dining. Savour traditional baozi and a diverse array of Asian delicacies across two convenient locations in the heart of the city


BaoziInn was inspired by the sharing culture within 1960's China where communities gather together and share the food. Household food such as baozi, dumplings, dan dan noodles are shared among members in the same community.

BaoziInn began as just street food from Northern China, including Baozi, Jiaozi and noodles. We ventured down south and started to introduce Southern Chinese food - Dumplings, Wantons. Moving into 2024, our journey has taken us further south of the globe as we introduce signature SouthEast Asian flavours into our menu.


Taste of BaoziInn

Not only do our cuisines include the simple delicacies that fed the commune during China's 60's era, we strive to broaden our communities by introducing flavours from across Asia Pacific into our menu, ensuring a wholesome experience for all who visit.

We strive to create a wonderful dining experience using the stories our flavours tell.

The flavours of SouthEast Asia

We are thrilled to announce that BaoziInn is bringing the vibrant flavours of SouthEast Asia to our menu! Get ready to indulge in a tantalising fusion of different Asian flavours, featuring aromatic spices, creamy coconut milk, tangy tamarind, and succulent seafood. Join us as we embark on a culinary journey to bring the rich and complex flavours to your plate at Baozi Inn!


Dim Sum Feast

Served from 12 PM to 5PM

After a decade of culinary expertise, BaoziInn proudly presents our exquisite Dim Sum Feast! Drawing from our ten years of experience, we've curated a diverse and colourful selection of dim sum, blending traditional Cantonese flavours with our unique twist. From meticulously crafted dumplings to sumptuous steamed buns, each dish reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Join us at BaoziInn to savour this culinary journey and experience dim sum like never before!

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Get in Touch

     London Soho Branch: 24 Romilly St, London W1D 5AH

                                        020 7494 4228
London Bridge Branch: 34-36 Southwark St, London SE1 1TU

                                        020 8037 5875

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We are welcoming our guests in two branches located in London:

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